The Virgin Atlantic A350-1000
The emotional, psychological and physical state of a person depends a lot on the level of comfort. The design elements with which the person is in constant visual and tactile contact should evoke a feeling of harmony, calm and peace, relaxation and aesthetic pleasure. It seems that the designers of Virgin Atlantic coped with this perfectly, the new A350 interior is impressive. But, all this no longer looks conceptually, it is rather an attempt to bring the forms and elements to perfection. Well done when thinking is free from standards and patterns. A natural question arises, what next? Next - new airplanes, new types of fabrics, materials and colors, everything that can sell well and please the sophisticated upper and premium class passenger who can be very demanding when choosing carrier. However, the basic requirements of a modern traveler are: to spend a minimum of time and money on a flight, while arriving at your destination in time. The passenger perceives all phases as a single whole, it is important both to purchase tickets and comfortable flight conditions, as well as quick and convenient service on the ground. I want to believe that all phases of travel with Virgin Atlantic will be as perfect as the interior of their new A350 aircraft, otherwise - you will be disappointed.
Image from Virgin Atlantic
2019, April 11
Evgeny Mitelev
CEO, Aviation Consultant
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