Our services

Aircraft trading
The company has experience in the acquisition of the variety of aircraft – from long-range wide-body aircraft to regional jets. We are focuses our selling efforts in accordance with the best terms and conditions available in the market.
Aircraft remarketing
The company is engaged for confidential aircraft sourcing and remarketing projects, we are able to use our industry relationship and are able to deliver aircraft at attractive prices. Among our potential customers are more 2000 airlines and private aircraft owners around the world.
Aircraft assessment
For airlines and operators, the realistic analysis of the market value of an aircraft is essential to achieve the optimum cost position. Aircraft assessment covers the technical configuration of the aircraft, its actual condition including modification status and its documentation.
Lease management
The company has a wide range of aircraft lease management products which allows the lessor/owner to outsource administrative and technical oversight of the asset for the duration of the lease term in a highly economic manner.
Consultancy projects
The company provides effective consultation services and solutions for aircraft management, asset acquisition, aircraft trading including drafting of quality audits, business plans and feasibility studies prepared by aviation professionals and consultants.
The company provides financing for the purchase of the new aircraft up to 100% of the amount, as agreed. The financing program can be designed for a period of 5 to 10 years. For the financial program, the brand of the aircraft does not matter, we offer financing for commercial aircraft, helicopters and business jets.