Aircraft sourcing and phase-in support:
● Pre-purchase inspection and records audit including monetary assessment.
● Documentation support such as drafting and negotiation of letters of intent, purchase agreements, lease agreements, etc., with monetary assessment and recommendations.
● Verification of compliance with delivery conditions.
● Aircraft delivery/acceptance representation.

Aircraft technical management and administration (ongoing):
● Utilization, maintenance and modification status monitoring and follow-up including Service Bulletin and Airworthiness Directive compliance.
● Operator maintenance programme review.
● Insurance monitoring and follow-up.
● Monitoring of financial status and outlook of operator.
● Monitoring of technical performance of operator.
● Lease rental and maintenance reserves invoicing and administration.
● Maintenance reserves management and claims handling.
● Monitoring the validity of basic certificates such as certificate of airworthiness and certificate of registration.
● Maintenance and modification work scope definition and review.
● Liaison with aircraft operator, relevant Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organisations and aviation authorities.
● Routine physical inspections of aircraft and records audits including scanning.
● Provision of asset management reports and recommendations/support for decision-making.
● Preparation for redelivery, including initial physical inspection of aircraft and records audit with assessment of implications of findings versus redelivery conditions.

Aircraft redelivery and phase-out support:
● On-site presence during redelivery activities from maintenance checks through to borescope inspections and the acceptance flight.
● On-site documentation review.
● Verification of compliance with redelivery conditions.
● Aircraft redelivery/acceptance representation.
● Lease and technical management in special situations (for aircraft owners/lessors/financiers only).
● Work scope planning and sourcing of MRO support.
● On-site presence during distressed situations as well as extra inspections and audits.
● Aircraft and technical records recovery and ferry flight organisation.

Aircraft remarketing process:
● Market analyses/positioning of assets.
● Development of remarketing strategies:
●● Targeting customers and areas of the world.
●● Pricing policy.
●● Transaction structuring.
● Technical upgrades and enhancements.
● Fleet management optimization (for aircraft operators):
●● Contract sourcing and negotiation using best practices.
●● Maintenance cost reduction through cost analysis, benchmarking and cost database.
● Contract management optimization.
● Active remarketing of the aircraft for sale or lease.
● Assessment of shortlisted candidates for proposed transaction – taking into consideration technical, legal, tax and financial aspects.
● Deal analysis including monetary assessment.
● Documentation support such as drafting and negotiation of letters of intent, sales agreements, lease agreements, etc.
● Technical project management and transaction execution coordination.