Agent or Broker?

Dear friends!

Due to circumstances and frequently asked questions, we believe it is right to tell you about the features of the work of leasing agents or buyer's agents. Many of you do not understand the difference between leasing agents or buying agents and brokers, by mistake, many consider these concepts to be related, but this is not so. A leasing agent or a buyer's agent is not a broker! The difference between a leasing agent or a buyer's agent from a broker is as follows:

The Broker:

  • The broker represents his personal interests. His goal is to earn as much money as possible by reselling other people's assets often without appropriate authority.
  • The broker adds a hidden commission to the seller’s price, which, as a rule, is 2.5%-10% of the seller’s price and requires the return of this commission from the owner.
  • Several brokers may participate in aircraft transactions, such a chain of brokers forms a high added value and creates confusion.
  • The broker does not bear any responsibility to buyers and sellers.
  • The broker does not guarantee a result and does not evaluate risks in case of failure.
  • A broker can be an individual without sufficient knowledge and competence.

The Agent:

  • The agent is an official, authorized person who represents the customer and lobbies his interests in negotiations with the owners and shareholders.
  • The agent works for a fixed amount of remuneration, significantly lower than broker's remuneration, without reference to interest and hidden fees.
  • The agent works with owners whose ownership rights are confirmed and do not work with intermediaries.
  • The agent is legally responsible to customers within its authority.
  • The agent guarantees the result and withdraws authority in case of failure.
  • The agent is only a legal entity that has a sufficient number of professional employees.

Now you can distinguish a leasing agent or a buyer's agent from a broker.

On the market are 10524 airlines, 1930 active carriers, 901 lessors, 51566 aircraft and 12362 of which are inactive, can be sold or leased. The choice is so great that it is easy to get confused in such a variety of options. You must have the necessary knowledge and business contacts.

Why you should choose Hopperson as a leasing agent or a buyer's agent:

  • We analyze the market and offer a report on the market situation, and also share valuable tips and contacts.
  • We report average leasing rates or the price of aircraft in the market for your information.
  • We are restructuring financial transactions and finding additional sources of financing for aircraft acquisition deals.
  • We find a buyer among leasing companies for aircraft offered for sale only and return it to you on lease.
  • You work with a professional team that offers you the greatest number of aircraft options in a short time.
  • In this scheme, there is no chain of brokers and overpriced commissions; we negotiate directly with the owners and lobby your interests.
  • We find options for you that meet your requirements.
  • You get complete and open information about the aircraft and their owners, without hidden MSN.
  • You sign a direct purchasing/leasing contract with the owner.
  • You pay us a fixed amount of our remuneration only in case of successful signing of a purchasing/leasing agreement and do not pay an advance payment. The amount of remuneration is below the market average.
  • We do not add fees to the leasing rate, you pay only the lessor’s rate, without hidden fees.
  • You are protected from cases of fraud in the aviation market.

If you are a current or new airline or private owner of an aircraft and interested in finding aircraft for purchase or leasing, please feel free to contact us right now, we will help you make the right choice.

Marketing Team,
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